Time Management Analysis

Core Concept:  A correctly done time management analysis of how you spend your 168 hours a week can lead to huge insights into how to spend your time more effectively.

What is a Time Management Analysis?

This analysis involves tracking how your are spending your time. You keep a time log, or a time motion log for a period of time, from anywhere from 1 day to 1 week.

Benefits of Doing This

Many of us often get asked to do time logs at work, and we know it can be extremely boring and tedious.

But doing one for yourself personally can lead to HUGE breakthroughs in your life.  I chronicle my breakthroughs in my audio: 168 Hour Makeover Experience.

Believe it or not, most of us overestimate how much we actually work, and underestimate how much time we sleep and watch TV.  So don't overlook the benefits of doing a time log.

How To Do a Time Log

Many people get overwhelmed because they have too much to do already.  But doing a time log analysis does not have to be hard.  I recommend if you are just starting out to just record broad categories, like work, sleep, TV, commuting time, family time, etc.

Some people record what television show they watched, or the name of the project they worked on, but all this information can be overwhelming when you go to analyze it.

Analyzing Your Time Log

Analyzing your time log is easy, just add up all the broad categories and see if how you are spending your time could be improved in any way.

Could you spend less time watching TV, and more time working out or with your family?

Further Resources

Click here for forms to do your own time management analysis.

For a complete blueprint of how to do one that will transform your life, check out: 168 Hour Makeover Experience.